Design & Engineering

Design Engineering

30+ years of collective experience. Our roots are in aviation industry, we have our expertise in quality and design standards which govern aircraft and aircraft sub system manufacturing. We have our highly experienced team which understands customer expectation and maximise product from quality and design perspective. As our design team has closely worked with best in class manufactures and vendors so we are familiar with all engineering tools which can be used to achieve desired results. We are acutely conscious about key drivers in the industry be it cost, weight reduction, aesthetics or ease of maintenance.

Our experts has well required depth in design, verification & validation of any primary or secondary aircraft structure. Our teams have equal understanding with metal as well as in composite design. We have incorporated relevant certification requirements in our processes to ease out process difficulties to our customers.

Why Choose This Service

  • We are also specialised in cabin interiors as we have worked with variety of companies to provide them support in entire spectrum from design to certification.
  • We have expertise in cabinets, galleys, lavatory units, credenzas, partitions & cabin storage units.
  • We have closely worked with ab-initio designs as well as refurbishment projects.
  • Our design team work with their focus on minimal redesign which reduces turnaround time and maximise cost efficiency.